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Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC, USA
Friday, January 12th, 1996

Stage Left

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Video Shoot Type: Single Cam Ametuer
Quality of this Recording: Fair
Complete Recording: Incomplete
Length: 38 minutes
Source Format: N/A --> VHS --> DVD
Track List for this Recording: Location of Camera
Disc 1
1) Intro
2) Back in Black
3) Shot Down in Flames (incomplete)
4) Girls Got Rhythm
5) Dog Eat Dog
6) Thunderstruck
7) Cover You in Oil (incomplete)
8) Boogie Man (incomplete)
9) Hells Bells (incomplete)
10) The Jack (incomplete)
Notes for this Recording:
Single cam ametuer shot from stage left in the upper deck, toward the back of the arena.
Some interference.
Video is fair, audio is fair.
Intro includes some shots of the exterior of the arena.
Video cut during Shot Down in Flames. This song is also cut short at the end.
Heavy interference throughout most of Thunderstruck.
Video cut during Cover You in Oil.
Boogie Man starts during the strip tease. This song is also cut short.
Video cut during Hells Bells, cut short.
The Jack starts late, is cut short. Very little of this song is available.
Possibly a very brief clip of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap at the end, but I am not sure.
Disc contains some errors.
1.35 gb.

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