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Bercy, Paris, France
Friday, February 27th, 2009

Stage Left

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Video Shoot Type: Single Cam Amateur
Quality of this Recording: Good
Complete Recording: Incomplete
Length: 70 minutes
Source Format: N/A --> DVD
Track List for this Recording: Location of Camera
Disc 1
1) Cartoon Intro
2) Cartoon Intro
3) Rock n Roll Train (incomplete)
4) Shot Down in Flames (incomplete)
5) Thunderstruck (incomplete)
6) The Jack
7) Hells Bells
8) Shoot to Thrill
9) You Shook Me All Night Long (incomplete)
10) TNT (incomplete)
11) Whole Lotta Rosie
12) Let There Be Rock (incomplete)
13) Highway to Hell
14) For Those About to Rock (incomplete)
Notes for this Recording:
Single cam, ameteur shot from stage left, half way up the arena.
Video is good, audio is fair. Audio is maxed out and slightly distorted.
Some interference throughout. Fans in front of the filmer standing up. Filmer does their best to see around/over them.
A Riffe Raffe Production.
Track 1 is the full cartoon intro video.
Track 2 is the cartoon intro played on the big screen at the concert.
Rock n Roll Train is cut short.
Shot Down in Flames starts late.
Video cut after Shot Down in Flames, Thunderstruck starts a little late.
Video cut after Thunderstruck. Comes back while Brian is introducing The Jack.
Short video cut after Hells Bells.
Video cut after Shoot to Thrill. You Shook Me All Night Long starts late.
Video cut after You Shook Me All Night Long. TNT starts late.
Video cut after TNT.
Video cut after Whole Lotta Rosie. Let There Be Rock starts during Angus' solo.
For Those About to Rock is cut in the middle. On one player, I got an error it couldn't continue. I tried it in Windows media player and the picture froze with the audio still playing, then the video came back twoard the end of the song after the cut.
The disc then froze at the end again and I couldn't get it to finish.

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